Transform Your Home with Custom Cabinet Solutions in Philadelphia, PA

Struggling to find the right balance of style and functionality in your home? Kitchens and bathrooms often become the focal points of a house, and outdated or inadequate cabinetry can diminish the overall appeal and usability of these essential spaces. At Lighthouse Home Design, LLC in Philadelphia, PA, we specialize in creating custom cabinets that not only meet your aesthetic expectations but also enhance the practicality of your living spaces.

Expert Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Tailored Cabinetry for Every Home

Our expert team understands that every home has its unique layout and style. That’s why we offer comprehensive kitchen and bathroom solutions, including new cabinets, full remodeling, and cabinet painting. Whether you’re looking to revamp your kitchen with stylish and functional kitchen cabinets or need specialized bathroom cabinets that maximize space without compromising on design, Lighthouse Home Design is your go-to provider. Our extensive inventory and skilled craftsmanship ensure that your vision for a perfect home becomes a reality.

Seamless Cabinet Repair and Remodeling Services

Maintain and Enhance With Ease

Don’t let damaged or worn-out cabinets bring down the beauty of your home. At Lighthouse Home Design, LLC, we provide professional cabinet repair and remodeling services that restore and enhance the appearance and functionality of your cabinets. From simple repairs to extensive cabinet remodeling, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of cabinet care. We ensure that every cabinet we touch not only looks great but also serves your needs perfectly, making every interaction with your space a pleasure.

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